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"Sunrise" at Aurora City Center

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40 West Artline and UNC Commission

Carla Madison Commission

Second Creek Entry

Journeys from Center

Journeys from Center

Sun, Earth, and Waves

Sun, Earth, and Waves

Movement from Balance

Heart Wall

Lollipop tree

Balance in Motion

Blue Butterfly Tree

Children's Interactive Art

Lotus Dragon

Westminster, Colorado

Westminster, Colorado
The Arbor Commons Park added a new sculpture this August. The Orchard Sprite glides 20' tall in the Park at Orchard Town Center at 140th and I-25 in Westminster, CO. It has 4 moving sections and many fruits

Orchard Sprite

80 Vertical Feet of Art in 5 Stories

80 Vertical Feet of Art in 5 Stories

Channel 9 News Report on Kaiser Sculpture (3 minute)

The Seed at Lone Tree

The Leaves

The Leaves
On the main level

The Flower at Lone Tree

The Juggler at Lone Tree

Glimmer at Lone Tree

Chasing Light at the Butterfly Pavilion

The Butterfly Pavilion is a wonderful place!

Everyone knows of the butterfly pavilion and its famous tarantula Rosie and steamy tropical interior. It now has delightful outdoor gardens and a new entry sculpture titled "Chasing Light" a comment on the quest for the light that plants, invertebrates, and humans share

Butterfly Tree in Northglenn

Green Glider

Palm Dancer

Whimsy II

Tangerine Glider

Rising Dancer 2

"Cornerstone Snap Dragon" Video Clip

"Silver Glider" Video Clip

"Soaring Bird 2" Video Clip

Green Snap Dragon 2

Silver Glider

"Green Snap Dragon" video clip

Green Snap Dragon 1

Green Snap Dragon 1
20' Snap Dragon in Central Park, Boulder, CO. across from the Teahouse & BMOCA

Soaring Bird


"Red Glider"

"Gateway Dancer" Video Clip

The Artist

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John lives with his wife Sally on the North Saint Vrain River in Lyons, Colorado. They are both artists.

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